Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Liedjiesbos Bed & Breakfast.

We’re happy to see you, and we want you to enjoy your stay with us. That’s why we ask all of our guests to follow these simple rules, so that we can help to ensure that everyone’s experience is a positive one. It’s all about making pleasant happy memories during your stay, so that you’ll come back and see us again!

Checking in:

Check in:              Strictly from 14h00 to 21h00

Check out:           Strictly from 07h00 to 10h00

Early check-in:      A fee of R350 will be charged before 14h00, by prior arrangement through Management only.

Late Check-in:   A fee of R350 will be charged after 21h00 for the first hour. Thereafter, an additional R200 will be charged per hour until 24h00 whereby your booking will be automatically cancelled.

From 21h00, all bookings will be cancelled with immediate effect without notice if the guest did not arrange late check in.

We will always try our utmost to honor your preferred room choice, but Liedjiesbos reserves the right to re-allocate rooms without prior notice.

Operational hours:

Trading hours:    Monday to Sunday between 07h00 to 21h00

Office hours:       Monday to Friday between 09h00 to 15h00


  • All rooms are cleaned or refreshed (in the case of staying in guests) between 10h00 and 12h00 only.
  • Guests are requested to keep the room tidy and preferably not to eat food in bed.
  • Laundry must be handed in by 09h00 and could take up to 3 days to return.
  • No laundry is done on public holidays and over weekends.
  • All laundry, unless specified is machine washed and tumble-dried.

Food and Beverages:

Breakfast is not included in your room rate, unless your booking confirmation states otherwise. Breakfast is served at our dining area strictly from 07h00 to 08h30. The kitchen will close at 08h30 and guest arriving after closing time will not be served and forfeit their booking. For any special or dietary requests such as Vegan, Vegetarian, Halaal, take-aways, etc. should be arranged at least a day in advance in order to establish whether we can meet your requirements.

Mezze Dinner platters is served at our dining area around 19h00.  Platters should be booked in advance (at least 8 hours prior) and could consists of anything in our pantry like cold meat, cheese-souffle, bread, garden salad or fruit, our home made preserves, olives and our very own Liedjiesbos olive oil produced on the farm.

A good selection of wines and other drinks are available, but you are welcome to bring your own special wine. A corkage fee will apply per bottle.


To secure a reservation, a 100% deposit of the total accommodation tariff, must be received. Tariffs are subject to change without notice. Tariffs for confirmed reservations for which a deposit has been received, will be held.

Cancellation and refunds:

  • Cancellations 7 days before arrival date and less – forfeit the full deposit.
  • Cancellations 7 to 14 days before arrival date – forfeit 50% of the deposit.
  • Cancellations made 14 days or more before arrival date – Booking amount less 15%, will be paid back to guests.

Only written Cancellations or changes to existing bookings by emailing: [email protected] will be accepted and attended to.                                                                                                                                                          

A fixed banking & admin fee of 15% will be deducted from all other refunds not covered above.

Please note that Liedjiesbos will make the refund within 30 days after refund was requested per e-mail.

We will seek compensation for any cancelled accommodation that cannot be rebooked, including premature curtailment of stay. Accommodation will automatically be cancelled if the deposit is not received by the due date. Deposits are not refundable in the event of a ‘non arrival’.


The latest description and amenities available for our rooms is specified on our website. Please remember to always make sure the room caters to your needs before you make a booking to eliminate possible disappointment.

House rules:

  • No smoking indoors – Please note that you, your company or booking agency will be charged for dry cleaning of bedding, curtains and carpets if you disregard our non-smoking policy!
  • Guests are not allowed to bring any alcohol onto the premises.
  • Guests may under no circumstances invite, or give access to anyone not booked at Liedjiesbos. No unregistered guests or visitors allowed unless prior arrangement made with management.
  • Overnight visitors are not permitted. Any visitors must leave the premises prior to 21h00 when the reception gate will be locked.
  • Right of admission is reserved at all times.
  • No music and/or parties permitted on the premises. We also expect guests to respect other guests by behaving in a good manner, especially excessive noise after 21h00.
  • The owners reserve the right to require any excessive noise to stop if they are disturbing other occupants on the establishment.
  • No brides will be allowed to dress at Liedjiesbos unless a bridal package have been booked and paid for. Please make sure you notify us in advance if you are a bride.
  • Children older than 10 years of age are welcome.
  • No Pets allowed.
  • No person other than staff members are allowed in the kitchen or store room area.
  • Please do not feed the animals on the premises.
  • All personal items found by our staff will be safely stored and available for you to claim and arrange a courier for pickup. If not claimed within 30 days after your stay, it will be disposed of without notice.
  • Guests are asked not to move, remove, or change furniture, pictures, wall hangings or other room decoration without the consent of the owners.
  • Guests are free to use all amenities provided in their rooms, but all items (eg. Towels, hand and body range, gowns, etc.) remains the property of the owner and my not leave the premises.

Neither Liedjiesbos, its owners, their agents, contractors or employees shall be held liable for any loss, damage, destruction, injury or death which may be caused to any person or the assets, property or any other item of equipment or the likes thereof which may occur as a result of any foreseen or unforeseen event or any act or omission on the part of Liedjiesbos, its owners, their agents, contractors or employees.

Please note: By making a booking, paying a deposit or checking in, you agreed to our terms and conditions and our cancellation policy. Please always refer to our website for our latest updated terms and conditions. www.liedjiesbos.co.za